BestOrganicSoap and LightStoneSoap (Natural and Organic-USA)  We create some of the finest organic soaps on the market today. We use only the best truly natural and organic ingredients.


The Natural and Organic Guide

The Place to Find Natural and Organic Products

Find Natural and Organic Bath and Body Products, Mineral Makeup, Natural Candles, Organic Clothing, Children and Organic Baby Clothing, Organic Toys,  Organic Food and Beverages, Organic Gardening, Organic Gifts, Aromatherapy, Organic Supplements, Organic Herbs, Organic Spices, Organic Coffee, Organic Tea, Organic Household Goods, Organic Cleaning Supplies, Organic Massage Products, Soap for your Teeth, Organic Pet Products, Organic Boating Supplies and more.


The Natural and Organic Guide featured in the August 31, 2008 issue of
Lucky Magazine!



Natural and Organic Bath and Body Products

Soap for Goodness Sake (Natural and Organic-USA) Offering Natural Soap, Organic Soap, Organic Skin Care, Natural Hair Care, Hemp Towels and Organic Towels, Soy Candles and Miessence Organics.

Rose of Sharon Acres
(Natural-USA) Skin loving Goat Milk Soaps & Creams; Tooth Chips - Soap for your Teeth; Herbal Salves - we have something for every member of your family.

Bee Natural Lip Balm  (Natural-USA) All natural Lip Balm Peppermint and Tangerine.

Goodness Essentials  (Natural and Organic -USA) The place to buy Miessence organic skin care, organic soap, hair products, cosmetics and all your organic bath and body requirements.

Natural Soap from A Wild Soap Bar (Natural and Organic-USA) Natural handmade wildly aromatic olive oil soaps with responsibly wildcrafted and organic botanicals.

Vermont Soap Organics  (Natural and Organic-USA) USDA Certified Organic and 100% chemical free, we manufacture soap products for consumer, wholesale and private label clients across North America Europe and Asia

Kiss and Makeup  (Natural and Organic-British Columbia) Beauty. Style. Personality. Kiss and Makeup Vancouver brings you niche mineral makeup, organic skin and hair care paired with sought after accessories and scents.


Natural and Organic Beauty and Cosmetics Products

Colour ID Minerals (Natural-USA) The Mineral Makeup Authority"™  64 mineral foundation makeup shades in 6 formulas. Mineral Makeup without Bismuth.

Pink Quartz Minerals Makeup (Natural-USA) All Natural Vegan Mineral Makeup and Lip Balm

Premium Minerals (Natural-USA) Natural Mineral Makeup and skincare products.

Sunshine Organics (Natural and Organic-USA) Certified Organic Skin Care and Cosmetics along with Natural Living Resources.


Natural and Organic Beverages
Coffee, Tea, Wine

Granite Ledge Coffee (Organic-USA) Fair Trade Certified ~ Organic specialty coffees

Tea Folks (Natural and Organic-USA) Gourmet Teas for Every Day.  Large Selection of Organic Tea.  Gourmet Organic Tea-Infused Chocolates.

Pure Organic Puerh, Green and Oolong Tea (Natural and Organic-UK) Organic loose leaf tea from China.

Your Tea Needs  (Natural and Organic-Canada)  A wide selection of loose leaf tea, glass tea pots, large and small tea sets, tea warmer, tea/coffee siphon makers,Yerba Mate and Rooibus.

Frey Organic Wines  (Natural and Organic-USAProducers of organic and biodynamic wines.


Natural Candles

Bear Creek Candle Company (Natural - USA) Fine handcrafted beeswax candles. Pure beeswax pillars, votives, tealights, hand-dipped tapers, hand-rolled honeycomb tapers with unrefined beeswax, 100% cotton wicks and pure essential oils.

Eco Earth Candle & Soap Co. (Natural and Organic-USA) Natural Soy Candles, BathSalts, Bathbombs, soaps and related products. Wholesale & Retail.


Natural and Organic Cleaning Supplies  (Natural and Organic - USA) Discount Natural & Organic Food, Health & Nutritional Supplements, Natural Health Beauty Products, Bulk Herbs and Eco-friendly Cleaners with Same Day Shipping.

Daddy Van's All Natural Beeswax Furniture Polish (Natural - USA) All Natural Beeswax and Lavender Furniture Polish is blended using the finest natural emollients and botanicals with Unrefined Beeswax and pure Lavender Essential Oil.


Natural and Organic Clothing and Apparel

ALTA ROSA (Natural and Organic-Italy) Natural and organic designed products for women, exclusively local and hand made. ALTA ROSA respects nature and the environment.  

Frugi (Natural and Organic-UK) Organic Cotton Clothes. Baby Clothes for Cloth Nappies. Frugi retails and wholesales thier own range of organic cotton clothing to consumers and retailers worldwide.

Untouched World (Organic-New Zealand) New Zealand's leading lifestyle clothing brand, has won international acclaim for its innovative and environmentally friendly natural fibre materials.


Community /Resources / Information/ Green Living

Live the Organic Life  (Natural and Organic-USA) The key to a healthy and prosperous life is your lifestyle. Organic living is a way of life that will give you energy, happiness and the ability to lose weight. This Website provides useful and effective resources with valuable information on healthy organic eating and living. 

Debra's List Debra Lynn Dadd "The Queen of Green" has been writing about how the choices we make at home affect our health and the environment since 1982.

Retro Housewife Goes Green - Green Consulting, Twitter Parties, Product Reviews and Giveaways and Freelance Writer.

Green Oklahoma Your source for all things green in Oklahoma. We will keep you up-to-date on green events, introduce you to green businesses, and help you green your life.


Natural and Organic Food Products

Cavendish Fruit Cake (Natural and Organic-USA) We specialize in baking the best tasting Fruitcake you've ever had! Old Cavendish Fruitcake, made in Vermont by people who love fruitcake.

Stonyfield Farm Yogurt (Organic-USA) Commited to making the healthiest, best-tasting organic products - including yogurt, smoothies, soy-yogurt, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and milk.

Brown Cow Yogurt (Natural -USA) Brown Cow's all natural rich and creamy yogurt is crafted in traditional small batches, with a taste that's fresh-from-the-farm. Try our Fruit and Whole Grains Yogurt.

Probiotic Foods (Natural-USA) Attune Foods creates all natural probiotic wellness bars packed with live active cultures for digestive comfort health and immune benefits.

Eat Well Guide (Natural and Organic-USA, Canada) An online directory of sustainably-raised meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs from stores, small farms, restaurants and other outlets in the US and Canada

Sustainable Table celebrates the sustainable food movement, educates consumers on food-related issues and works to build community through food.

Organic Valley Recipes   Search for recipes by keyword, type of dish, or product. Sort your results by recipe title or rating. You can view recipes online and make a printable page of your pick—or use the "My Cookbook" feature and collect recipes to download before you leave the site.


Natural and Organic General Stores

Aviva Natural Health Solutions (Natural and Organic-Canada)  Everything for Healthy Living: Aviva offers a wide selection of healthy lifestyle products including supplements, housewares, footwear, personal care products and more.

EarthloverShopping (Natural and Organic-USA) Earth-friendly products from clothing, bath, beauty items, home décor, personal accessories, toys, gifts. Focus on Fair Trade practices maintaining your commitment to living green.

Itty Bitty Bella (Natural and Organic-USA)  We are about better choices for clean products and design. Organic children's clothing, soft toys, chocolate and other fun stuff for adults too.



Natural and Organic Gardening

Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening (Organic-USA) Information about sustainable organic gardening, workshops, creativity, and personal growth.

WoodCreek Farm and Supply (Natural and Organic-USA) Organic Seed, Natural Fertilizers, Growing Mixes, Pest Management, Animal Supplements, Grower Supplies, Food & Health. (Organic-USA) 100% Certified Organic Vegetable, Flower, Herb & Cover Crop Seeds

Penny's Tomatoes (Natural and Organic-USA) Tomato Seeds, Tomatoe Gardening Tips and Recipes.

Pepper Joe's (Natural and Organic-USA) Pepper Joe's has the Hottest Peppers with Sizzle.  Free Organic Hot Pepper Seed Catalog.

AGGRAND (Natural and Organic-USA) Natural Liquid Organic Fertilizers, USDA Approved Organic

Organic Food and Sustainable Agriculture (Natural and Organic-France) Eat Organic Food and adopt Organic Lifestyle for your own benefit and conserving the environment too. Visit us at for details.

Nature Hills Nursery (Natural-Australia) Nature Hills Nursery is a plant and tree nursery that offers a huge selection of trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit trees, rose bushes, and much more to customers across the United States.


Natural and Organic Gifts

The Summa Sleep Company (Natural and Organic-USA) We have mommy/daddy and me relaxation gift baskets, relaxation gift baskets for the traveler, children's relaxation gift baskets, and even mini-relaxation gift baskets starting from $20 and up!

Kates Caring Gifts (Natural and Organic-USA) The world's finest organic chocolates.  Organic and Natural Body Care, Kid Powered/Earth Friendly Toys, Organic Gourmet Gifts, Earth Friendly Accessories, and much more.

Planet One Gifts (Natural and Organic-USA)  Planet One Gifts offers fair trade, earth friendly, and sustainable green gifts and products.Browse our selection of socially conscious products and handcrafted gifts.



Natural and Organic Health, Wellness, Aromatherapy

Natural Healing Products/Vibrational Remedies (Natural and Organic-USA) High Sierra Botanicals offers a diverse line of handmade products including flower essence formulas, body care, artisan perfumes, aromatherapy, and medicinals enhanced with flower essences.

Herbal Products (Natural and Organic-India) Manufacturers and exporters of herbal products and herbal food supplements

No Feathers Please  (Organic  USA) Organic cotton, wool, feather-free adult bedding. Many items USA made. Hypoallergenic, chemical free, pure, safe, organic.

West Coast Organics (Natural and Organic-USA/Canada) Skincare, Supplements, Aromatherapy

The Corn Bag Critter Co. (Natural - USA) Natural relief for earaches, toothaches, more.

Norte Vita (Natural - USA) Natural Products for cholesterol, diabetes, lack of energy.

Organic Skin Care  (Organic-India) Skincare Organix is an online source for all natural body products for skin care, face and hair care.

Beehive Skin Therapies (Natural and Organic-USA) Organic skin care and skin therapies for wounds, acne, herpes and inflammatory conditions

Riverstone Gifts (Natural and Organic-Canada) The Warm Buddy line of all-natural Ultra Products represent the highest quality and longest heat holding wraps, eye pillows and shoulder wraps on the market today. 

Natural Health International (Natural and Organic-USA) Products focused on women's health, sleep disorders and empowering consumers. Menopausal products positively affect hormonal balance as well as menopausal symptoms.

lass cosmetcis (Natural and Organic-India) Arm yourself with all information on Herbal Hair Shampoo, Ayurvedic Hair Loss Remedy and Herbal Hair Regrowth Shampoo.


Natural and Organic Herbs and Spices

Sage Hill Farms (Natural and Organic-USA)  Striving not only to offer the very best of product through organic growing methods, but also to educate, be better land stewards and leave a better legacy for the next generation.

Organic Products  (Organic-India) We offer Certified Organic herbs, herbal extracts, Spices & condiments, Whole, ground, Oleoresins, Essential Oils, Soyabean, Soy Flour, Oil Seeds, dehydratyed fruits & vegetables etc.. Please visit our website.


Natural and Organic Household Goods

The Summa Sleep Company  (Natural and Organic-USA) We make Organic Buckwheat Pillows covered in a Hemp fabric for children and adults as well as relaxation eye pillows for children and adults.  We also have Relaxation gift baskets that range from $20 and up!

Harmony Bedding (Natural and Organic-USA) Organic and Natural bedding from latex, wool or organic cotton mattresses to bamboo or organic cotton sheets.

Go NonToxic (Natural and Organic-USA) Environmental and human friendly products that improve your health including organic bedding, natural organic mattresses and top quality air purifiers.

EcoSleepShop (Natural and Organic-USA) Essential organic bedding basics, linens and more, from earth to your intimate spaces. Made in the USA and global Fair Trade.

A Natural Home (Natural and Organic-USA) Toys, cribs, bedding, sofas, tables, beds, case goods and more wholesale. (Natural and Organic-USA) Comfort and Luxury Bedding at Everyday Prices.  Wellness products, too. 

The Natural Bed Store (Natural and Organic-USA) creates high-quality organic beds more durable and consistent than other brands, with a commitment to safety, comfort, and environmental responsibility.

Essentia Organic Mattresses Natural and Organic-USA and Canada) The only organic memory foam mattresses in the World with stores in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.


Natural and Organic Massage Products

Massage Naturals  (Natural and Organic-USA)  Organic massage oils, creams, and lotions, and other green massage products.


 Natural and Organic Outdoors (Natural and Organic-USA)  Boating supplies, Outdoor gear, Cleaning products, Clothing and linens, Hemp products, Organic products, Housewares.


Natural and Organic Pets and Animal Supplies
Natural and Organic Farm and Pet Products

Molly's Herbals (Natural and Organic-USA) Providing information on, and products for, the natural, herbal and holistic care of people and their pets, as well as larger companion animals such as goats, horses, llamas, etc.

earthdog (Natural-USA) handmade hemp products for dogs including collars, leashes, beds and chew toys.

The Flying Basset (Natural and Organic - USAOrganic dog food , natural dog food and pet supplies by the Flying Basset is the first and only natural and organic whole food pet supplement and food line of products available in the marketplace.

Dog Bed Street (Organic - USAOffers several organic dog beds for sale. Several are made with 100% organically grown cotton and stuffed with organic kapok.


Natural and Organic Spas and Retreats

Natura Massage Natural and Organic - USA) Natura Massage provides the best organic and sustainable wood massage and spa supplies.

Alta Day Spa (Natural and Organic - USA) Om aroma, enjoy our luxurious organic product line for Body.Face.Nails


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